Taste of the Wild Dog Food in Itasca, IL
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Taste of the Wild Dog Food in Itasca, IL

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picture of a two dogs laying on the floor
Nugie & Little Dog, Favorite brand:
Taste of the Wild

We have been using Pet Stuff Zoom for about 2 years, within that 2 years we have never had to wait, follow up or complain. The staff at Pet Stuff Zoom have continuously followed up, switched up the flavor of food so the dogs get a well balanced and variety of flavors, All being within the same brand. Pet Stuff Zoom also has answered questions, given tips and have given us samples of food or treats that they thought our dogs would enjoy.

I would recommend this company not only based on their prices, knowledge and professionalism but mainly for their love of animals!

-Lisa, from Itasca, IL

At PetStuffZoom, we take many things into consideration when deciding which brands to stock but the most important is the health and happiness of your Dogs & Cats. We are a local delivery service that ships free to Itasca in a weather proof bag next day. All orders of $35 ship free regardless of weight.

Check out our selection of Taste of the Wild product. I am sure your pet will enjoy them too.

We would love to hear your comments & post your pet's picture as well! You can do so by clicking here to email us your pet photo and testimonial!

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