About Pet Food Zoom, Meet Nala, Founder, and Her Owner, Tom Pantano
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About Us

Nala, the Founder of Pet Stuff Zoom

Nala, founder of Pet Food ZoomMeet my best friend, a lap dog in a 110 lb. body! Nala, my pet Bull Mastiff, was the catalyst for Pet Stuff Zoom.

Back in 2007, you may remember the largest pet food recall in American history. Sadly, Nala was among the thousands affected.   I felt the fear of a parent as I waited for the vet to say what her fate would be.  

Fortunately, Nala survived. She suffered kidney damage that will plague her the rest of her life.   But she was ALIVE! Many other dogs and cats wouldn’t be as lucky. This tragedy was a huge wake-up call for me and thousands of other pet owners across the country.

Nala’s near-death experience led me to start researching what was in the food I had been feeding her. What I learned shocked me.

Many name-brand dog food companies spend big money on advertising and beautiful packaging while skimping on actual quality ingredients! These pet foods contain cheap fillers that are hard to digest and known to cause health problems.

The more I learned, the more disappointed I became in pet food manufacturers and in myself. Until this recall I never thought to look at the ingredients listed on the bag. I had blindly put my pet’s health in the hands of manufacturers and pet stores.  And now it was clear; they had let me down!

Continuing my research, I discovered healthy, natural, organic food brands that would provide Nala with safe, wholesome nutrition. They do exist!

With my new understanding of pet nutrition, I watched as Nala became more active and began to look better than she ever had. Her shiny coat and bright eyes were clear signs of her good health. In fact, Nala’s overall quality of life greatly improved due to her new, grain-free diet.

With enthusiasm, I told friends Nala’s story, and I began to hear the concerns other pet owners had about their own pet’s health and nutrition. The more people I spoke to about Nala’s new diet, the more I realized how difficult it was to find the best quality brands in local stores. These pet owners wanted only the best for their four legged friends. But knowing what to chose and finding it wasn’t easy.

It soon became obvious to me there was a need for a service that could deliver healthy quality brand-name pet food directly to pet owners. Pet Stuff Zoom was born!

Today, I am proud to offer pet owners fast and friendly delivery of the finest quality pet foods and supplies.

Luca - Pet Food Zoom Deliveries and Customer Service

Nala is now almost 6-years-old and happy as ever! We have recently added Luca Brasi to our family. Luca is a 3-year-old German Shepard. Nala has taken the role of taste tester for Pet Stuff Zoom while her brother Luca is handling customer service and deliveries! J

Good nutrition means a longer, healthier, happier life for your dog or cat. Try Pet Stuff Zoom. I know you and your pet will love it.

We hope to meet you soon!

Nala Pantano
Luca Brasi Pantano
And their best friend, Tom Pantano
Pet Stuff Zoom